Diesel Engine Maintenance

Essential Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

There are many benefits to owning a diesel engine, such as fuel efficiency of 20 percent. For example, they offer great fuel economy and excellent performance. Diesel engines are also more reliable than regular gasoline engines.

To avoid mechanical problems down the road, it's important to care for diesel engines properly.

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There are also some basic maintenance steps you can implement to help care for a diesel engine.


Keeping Air Filters Clean

To extend the life of the air filters, it's important you check and replace them regularly. 

Clogged air filters can affect fuel economy and degrade engine performance. Air filters prevent dust, dirt, and other particles from causing damage to the engine. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced depending on the filter's condition.


Replacing Fuel Filters

Fuel filters should be replaced regularly to avoid damage to the fuel injectors and fuel pump. Fuel filters provide an essential function in diesel engines. They keep contaminants like rust or dirt from entering the engine.

Clean fuel can be burned more efficiently, thus improving your diesel engine's performance. Information on how to change fuel filters and how often you should change them can be found in your vehicle's user manual.

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Regular Oil Changes

Routinely changing a diesel engine's oil is key. Engine oil cools down and protects many engine components. Letting engine oil get dirty or too low will lead to mechanical problems.

Factory standards recommend diesel engines get an oil change every 12,000 kilometers. It is also essential to use the specific fuel type for your diesel engine. You can find additional information about your engine oil by reading the user manual.


Radiator and Coolant Maintenance

The radiator's main function is to protect your diesel engine from overheating. It is why it's essential to keep up with radiator maintenance.

Changing the engine's coolant is one of the most important maintenance needs of a diesel engine. Over time, the engine coolant becomes acidic, causing other cooling system components to rot out, including the radiator.


Proper Winter Care

Caring for a diesel engine during the winter is critical. Always allow your engine to warm up upon start-up. This should take about five to ten minutes, depending on how cold the temperature is.

Make sure to keep the fuel tank full to prevent the fuel from freezing. If possible, try to keep your vehicle indoors or somewhere unexposed to elements such as snow and ice. At around -6 degrees, Celsius diesel fuel starts to gel, which can cause the fuel tank and fuel lines to clog.

Following proper winter care will prolong your diesel engine's quality and functionality.


Are You Ready to Find Diesel Engine Services in Calgary?

Now that you know more about these diesel engine tips, you can keep your vehicle in the best shape. To properly care for the diesel engine, you should prepare it before winter, maintenance the radiator, replace the filters, and perform frequent oil changes.

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