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Ball Joint Replacement


Is your steering wheel not functioning correctly? Is there a strange noise from the front of your vehicle? The ball joint in your car might need a replacement. When this happens, you should only turn to auto mechanics you can trust. We at Change Auto and Diesel have many years of experience providing a complete range of auto services, including ball joint replacement in Calgary. When you come to us, we prioritize replacing your car's ball joint with absolute attention to detail. Our mechanics have a deep understanding of suspension systems, allowing them to diagnose your ball joint issue and quickly replace it.


Get in touch with us to find out more about our ball joint replacement in Calgary or to make an appointment. 

What Is a Ball Joint?

The ball joint is a crucial aspect of your vehicle's suspension system, joining the steering knuckles to the control arms. You can think of it as a ball and socket joint that keeps the suspension moving while letting you steer. By doing so, it acts as an axis point between your wheels and the suspension system. Long-term wear and tear is generally the most common reason behind ball joint replacements.

Signs You Need a Ball Joint Replacement

You might not always be able to tell that your vehicle's ball joint needs a replacement. We recommend our clients to look out for the following signs:

  • Unusual noises when you turn or go over a bump
  • The disproportionate wearing of your tires
  • Shaking of the steering wheel
  • Strange vibration from the front of your vehicle

We advise you to book an appointment with us immediately if you notice any of these signs. If you're unsure whether your ball joint needs a replacement, our mechanics will carry out a thorough inspection.

Why a Ball Joint Replacement Is Important

You might have noticed something amiss with your steering wheel but put it off due to the lack of time. Continuing to do so can not only threaten your life, but it can harm others on the road. A malfunctioning ball joint means that you can lose control of your vehicle. Moreover, a faulty ball joint puts unnecessary strain on your suspension and tires. Ignoring the problem can increase the damage, driving up the cost of repairs and replacements.

If you notice anything wrong with your steering wheel, suspension system or tires, our mechanics will thoroughly inspect the issue. We also encourage you to visit us if you haven't noticed anything wrong, but it's been a long time since you bought a car or your last ball joint replacement.


Our technicians can fix your ball joint with expertise. Get in touch with us for a free estimate.


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