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Imagine driving on a busy road, and a child comes in front of your car. What do you reach out for first? Exactly, the brakes. Brakes are the most critical mechanism in your vehicle because it helps you slow down or stop. They protect you and people around you while driving; hence, it is essential to have properly working brakes. 


If you are a driver looking for a brake repair specialist in Calgary, turn to Change Auto & diesel for inspection, repairs and maintenance. Our team will make sure that the brakes are working and will work when needed. We handle everything from start to finish, plus when you visit us, our specialists will check the entire system to look for any discrepancy for you to stay safe. 


Need your brakes repaired in Calgary? Call us today.

How IT Works?

Your moving vehicle possesses a massive amount of kinetic energy, and for your automobile to stop, the brakes need to leave behind the power. To get rid of the energy, they need three things: leverage, hydraulic force and friction. Depending on the type of brake your vehicle use, i.e. disc or drum, the machinery it uses, but the basic concept is the same.

  • Leverage: The brake pedal is connected to a lever that, on applying force, pushes the piston into a master cylinder that is full of hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid flows through more pipes that are placed next to each wheel.
  • Hydraulic force: These cylinders form a hydraulic system, which multiplies the force of your foot on the brake pedal and transmits that force to push brake fluid through the system to the brake pads. 
  • Friction: The brake fluid pushes the brake pads against the discs, which gives rise to friction. Friction is the opposing or the resisting force that comes into play when two bodies move against each other and cause your vehicle to stop.

If you push the brake pedal with more force, the brake applies more stopping force at the wheels.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Brakes are the most integral part of your vehicle, and the reasons are not needed to be stated twice, but how do you understand it needs repairing? It would be best if you observed the warning signs. Visit a brake repair specialist in Calgary to get your brakes checked by the professionals as soon as you notice: 

  • Amber: When your brake dashboard light is glowing amber, this indicates problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • Red: When your brake dashboard light is red, this indicates a system imbalance
  • Soft: If your brake pedal is soft, spongy or slow to respond, this indicates several problems, including low brake fluid
  • Sounds: If you hear a grinding or squealing while braking, this often indicates worn down brake pads or rotors
  • Vibration: If your brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating when in use, this can indicate you have warped brake rotors

Book an Appointment for Your Brakes in Calgary

You rely heavily on the brakes of your car, so it is essential to maintain them. Properly calibrated brakes will allow your vehicle to run smoothly, prevent costly repairs in the future and most importantly, keep you safe.


Whenever you sense some issue with your brakes or haven’t checked on them for a while, reach out to your brake repair specialist in Calgary. Schedule an appointment with the experienced team at Change Auto & Diesel. We also offer vehicle inspection services. For any questions or concerns, give us a call today




If you require experienced brake repair specialists in Calgary, we have got you covered.

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