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Professional Break Repair Specialist in Calgary

The brakes on your car are arguably the most important mechanism because they stop your vehicle. They allow you to slow down in a traffic jam or come to a sudden halt when a child runs out into the street. Your brakes protect you and those around you while you’re driving, so it’s extremely important that you have properly working brakes. In Calgary, drivers turn to Change Auto & Diesel for inspections, repairs and maintenance help ensure the ability to stop when needed. We handle everything from diagnosing and replacing your brake pads to replacing your brakes entirely. When you visit us, we will thoroughly inspect your braking system to make sure effective braking is possible. To repair your brakes in Calgary, choose us!

How IT Works?

Your moving vehicle has a lot of kinetic (moving) energy, and in order to bring the giant piece of metal that is your car to a stop, your brakes have to get rid of the kinetic energy. To do so, they rely on three things: leverage, hydraulic force and friction. Depending on the type of braking system you have (disc brakes or drum brakes) your vehicle will use different machinery (brake pads or brake shoes) to stop, but the general concept is the same.

  • Leverage: The brake pedal is connected to a lever that, after you press on the brake, pushes a piston into the master cylinder that is filled with hydraulic fluid. This fluid flows through a system of pipes into other cylinders positioned next to the brakes on each wheel.
  • Hydraulic force: These cylinders form a hydraulic system, which multiplies the force of your foot on the brake pedal and transmits that force to push brake fluid through the system to the brake pads. 
  • Friction: The brake fluid causes the pads to push against the discs, which creates friction. Friction is the resistance to motion when one object moves over another, and when used this way it causes your car to slow down.

When braking, the more force you use when you push the brake pedal, the more stopping force is applied at the wheels.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Because your car’s brakes are so integral to the functioning of your vehicle, it’s very important to pay attention to the warning signs. Visit a mechanic to get your brakes checked out as soon as you notice:

  • Amber: When your brake dashboard light is glowing amber, this indicates problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • Red: When your brake dashboard light is red, this indicates a system imbalance
  • Soft: If your brake pedal is soft, spongy or slow to respond, this indicates several problems, including low brake fluid
  • Sounds: If you hear a grinding or squealing while braking, this often indicates worn down brake pads or rotors
  • Vibration: If your brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating when in use, this can indicate you have warped brake rotors

Book an Appointment for Your Brakes in Calgary

You rely heavily on your brakes in Calgary, so be sure to maintain them. Properly calibrated brakes will allow your car to run smoothly, prevent costly repairs in the future and most importantly keep you safe. 

If you think you have a problem with your brakes, or you just haven’t had them checked out in a while, please schedule an appointment with the experienced team at Change Auto & Diesel. We also offer vehicle inspection services, for questions, give us a call today.

Contact Change Auto & Diesel for your auto repair needs!

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