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Regular maintenance can help increase your car’s fuel efficiency and mileage. If you are concerned about the fluctuating gas prices there are some maintenance tips listed below that can help you cut back on the fuel expenses. Count on Change Auto & Diesel for efficient car maintenance services such as oil change and transmission repair for all makes and models.


Some maintenance tips that can increase your car’s fuel efficiency are:


1.      Proper Inflation of Tires


Properly inflated tires help achieve a car’s recommended gas mileage. A vehicle's fuel efficiency increases up to three percent with proper tire pressure. While underinflated tires experience a lot of ground resistance, overinflated tires have increased efficiency at the risk of blowing under strain. Check your tires weekly to maintain the perfect inflation. Check your car’s manual for information on this.


2.      Using Recommended Motor Oil


Ensure you use the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil for your vehicle; different motor oils might not work with the same efficiency, causing fuel economy issues. Additionally, make sure to change your old motor oil on the suggested date, which can increase fuel efficiency by up to four percent.


3.      Clean Air Filters


The function of an air filter is to keep all the road debris and contaminants away from the engine. Air filters must be changed every 12 months as a clogged air filter can reduce the fuel economy and the overall performance of your car.


4.      Preventive Maintenance


Tuning can help improve your engine for efficient performance. It can fix any serious issues such as a faulty sensor or even a failed emission test. A good tune-up can also boost your mileage. By getting a tune-up, you ensure that the car engine is in good condition and functioning properly.


5.      Reducing Excess Weight


Your car’s mileage can be reduced with extra weight in the trunk. Extra weight also implies that the front wheels are not getting a good grip.  


6.      Keeping Gas Cap Sealed


Check your gas cap for a rubber seal. With time, the seal might break, allowing oxygen to leak into the tank. Replace the gas caps every few years to ensure an airtight seal.


7.      Maintaining Proper Speed Limit


Driving over the speed limit negatively impacts your car’s mileage.


8.      Not keeping the engine Idle


An engine consumes more fuel when it is idle. For improved efficiency, turn off the engine and then restart it when you are ready.


Following simple car maintenance tips can drastically improve the fuel efficiency of your car.


Contact Change Auto & Diesel for complete car maintenance services including wheel alignments, transmission repairs along with out of province vehicle inspections in Calgary.


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