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How to Diagnose Problems with Your Brakes

Brakes are the most important safety component on a vehicle, allowing drivers to stop in time to avoid hazards and collisions. However, like other parts of a vehicle, the front and back brakes wear down over time and can develop problems.

At Change Auto & Diesel, we provide service and repair for brakes in Calgary. Here are some of the most common braking problems and their most likely causes.

  • Reduced braking responsiveness

If you find yourself needing to push your brake pedal further down towards the floor in order to bring your vehicle to a stop, it may be caused by a brake fluid leak. Reduced braking responsiveness should be checked out by a mechanic right away, as it will likely continue to get worse and will make it more difficult to slow down your vehicle quickly enough.

  • Metallic screeching when braking 

You may hear a high-pitched, metallic screeching sound when braking if the friction material on your brake pads has become worn and the steel backing plates make direct contact with the rotors. A high-pitched screech is an important sign that it is likely time to head to a mechanic to have your brake pads replaced.

  • Grinding noise when braking 

Are your brakes grinding or making growling metallic noises when you apply pressure? A grinding noise usually indicates that the friction material on your brake pads has completely worn away and that the metal clamps are now starting to cause damage to the disc brake rotors. Have your brake pads replaced as soon as possible to prevent further rotor damage.

  • Vibration when braking 

If your steering wheel vibrates and your brake pedal pulsates when you attempt to apply braking pressure, then it is likely a sign that your rotors have become warped out of shape due to your braking habits or simply due to time. The vibrations are caused by surface variations in the thickness of the rotor applying uneven friction along the brake pads is it spins.

How Long Can You Drive with Brake Problems? 

As soon as you notice a problem with your brakes, your main priority should be to get yourself to a trusted Calgary mechanic as soon as possible. Auto repair is not something that should be put off, especially when doing so could risk the safety of yourself and your passengers. The cost of brake repair is minimal compared to the costly damage and injuries that could result from brakes that aren't functioning properly.

Make an Appointment for Brake Repair in Calgary Today

If you are experiencing problems with your front or back breaks, then you can trust Change Auto & Diesel for reliable auto repair in Calgary. An experienced mechanic will inspect your braking system, diagnose the problem, and provide you with lasting, quality brake repair. We offer free estimates and friendly, knowledgeable advice so that you are equipped to make the best decision for your vehicle.

To book an appointment for brake service or any type of auto repair in Calgary, just contact Change Auto & Diesel today.


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