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Certified Mechanic working on Calgary car at Change Auto

When it comes to car repair, it’s important to listen to what your vehicle is telling you. Certain sounds, smells and sensations can all be instances of your car trying to tell you there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

While trouble with your engine is generally something you want to fix in a timely manner, there are other parts of your car that need to be addressed as soon as they start becoming an issue. Your suspension is one of these parts. At Change Auto & Diesel, we take pride in our ability to provide quality service for you and your vehicle. Keep reading to see what our experts have to say about the signs that your suspension needs to be repaired.

1. Your car pulls to the side

Your suspension isn’t just responsible for absorbing the perils of an uneven road. It also works to ensure that your car can make smooth turns and stays evenly between the lines when you’re driving down a road. When your car starts resisting your desire to turn, it could mean it’s time to have your suspension checked out

2. A single corner of your car seems low

Your car should always be evenly levelled on all sides. If one of the corners of your vehicle seems to be leaning abnormally low, it could mean that you have a problem with your suspension. Simply check that the lean isn’t the result of a flat tire and you’ll have your answer. This could cause major handling issues and should be taken care of by an auto repair expert in Calgary without delay.

3. Your car bounces and sways

Excessive bouncing and swaying while your car is in motion could be a sign that your suspension system needs to be looked at. Your car is designed to run smoothly, even over rough surfaces. If your suspension feels especially bumpy, take your car to have its suspension properly inspected at a garage in Calgary.

4. Your tires show signs of irregular wear

Sometimes, your car’s alignment can be off without you noticing. One surefire way to verify if your suspension is misaligned is to check the treads on your tires. A poor alignment will cause your tires to wear out in strange patterns that differ vastly from tires that wear out naturally. When in doubt, check your tire treads.

If your car is in need of suspension repairs, give us a call at Change Auto & Diesel. Visit us here for more information regarding our auto repair services.


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