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diesel engine repair

Service your engine regularly to avoid performance issues; a properly maintained diesel vehicle can run for almost 30 years. Change Auto & Diesel provides regular maintenance and diesel engine repair in Calgary. We have advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently.

Some essential diesel engine maintenance tips are:

1. Radiator Flush

Ensure your engine’s cooling system is working properly as overheating can eventually lead to engine failure. Get your radiator fluid changed every 60,000 to 80,000 km. Also, get your radiator and cooling system checked by a technician if you detect antifreeze leak, smell or steam coming from your engine.

2. Air Filters

The quality of air flowing through your combustion chamber is controlled by the air filter. It’s better to regularly check the air filters for cleaning or maintenance. You should replace air filters every three years. Cleaning air filters is not an easy task. If you are not sure about cleaning the filter yourself, contact a professional for help. Here are some signs that your air filter needs maintenance:

  • Reduced engine power

  • Noises coming out of your engine

  • Fuel leaks

  • Trouble with starting the engine

  • Flames from the exhaust

3. Engine Cleaning

Cleaning your engine regularly helps increase fuel efficiency. Accumulation of dust and dirt on your engine can impact its performance. Scrub the dirty parts of your engine using a brush or a degreaser to keep it clean.

4. Gasket Inspection

Regularly check your gasket for leaks as unmaintained gasket can lead to engine failure. Inspect your gasket for symptoms such as overheating engine, loss of coolant or appearance of frothy oil.

5. Glow Plugs Inspection

If you notice smoke coming out of your vehicle or have trouble starting your vehicle, you have failing glow plugs. If you find any faulty glow plugs, it better to replace all of them rather than the faulty one.

6. Oil Filter and Changes

Incomplete fuel combustion can lead to sulphur and carbon residue. An improper filter won’t be able to trap the debris leading to additional engine damage. Replacing your diesel oil depends on how often you drive your vehicle. It's recommended to change the oil every 8000 km. You might need to change it more frequently, if you are using your vehicle for jobs such as towing. It’s important to get a regular oil change to make sure your engine runs efficiently. Maintain proper change intervals for your filters and oil as mentioned in your vehicle’s manual.

Our experienced technicians at Change Auto & Diesel offer diesel engine repair services and out of province vehicle inspections in Calgary. Call us today for reliable diesel engine repair services.


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