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Oil change in Calgary Alberta

A routine engine oil change is one of the most important car maintenance tasks for ensuring that your engine continues to run efficiently and safely. At Change Auto & Diesel, we provide professional oil changes in Calgary among our complete car maintenance and auto repair services. So, what is engine oil and why does it have to be changed? Let's find out.

What Does Engine Oil Do? 

Engine oil allows your engine to operate smoothly by serving two crucial functions. The first is that it lubricates all of the engine's various moving parts, reducing friction and lessening wear and tear. Oil also absorbs the heat created by these moving parts, carrying the heat away as it circulates. An engine could not operate properly without oil.

Why Does Oil Need to Be Changed?

While the oil circulates through your engine, it picks up all sorts of dirt and debris. This helps the engine operate more efficiently, but it also causes the oil to become too contaminated over time. The oil molecules will also eventually begin to break down and won't be able to effectively lubricate or transfer heat.

It is recommended that you have an oil change approximately every 8,000 km. However, your mechanic may recommend a different interval depending on the age of your car and the type of oil you use.

What Happens If I Miss an Oil Change?

When your engine oil has started breaking down and has collected a lot of debris, your engine will produce too much friction and heat as it operates. Engine components can begin wearing down, warping out of shape, or corroding. The longer you drive after an overdue oil change, the more you risk your engine shutting down completely.

Extend the life of your engine and stay safe on the road by going for an oil change as often as recommended by your Calgary auto garage.

What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use?

Engine oil comes in two main types: conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is made from refined crude oils, while synthetic oil is artificially created.

Synthetic oil generally offers better fuel economy, better wear protection, and all-around better performance. This is because synthetic oil molecules have a more consistent shape and mass, allowing them to maintain better viscosity in both hot and cold temperature extremes. Conventional oil molecules, because their properties are not as uniform, produce more friction and heat when they collide. Most new cars are made to use synthetic engine oil.

Schedule Your Oil Change at a Reliable Calgary Auto Garage Today

Keep your engine healthy by coming in for a regular oil change in Calgary at Change Auto & Diesel. Our experienced and licensed auto repair technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles. We not only offer competitive prices on oil changes, but we will replace your oil filter and provide a courtesy vehicle check as well.

To schedule an oil change at our SW Calgary auto garage, just contact Change Auto & Diesel today.


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