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The vehicle suspension system requires attention and timely inspection to ensure its optimal function. It is essential for proper steering, stopping and stability of your car. There are a more few indicators that your suspension needs repair, and we encourage you to learn more about how to determine if your car needs suspension work.  When it is out of alignment, you may notice that you have trouble directing the steering wheel or your vehicle may drift to the left or right. Unfortunately, your suspension is affected every day while you drive. In order to maintain control of your vehicle, any time you drive over potholes, bumps and objects on the road your suspension system has to absorb the impact. If you notice a looseness or grinding sound, you may need to repair your suspension. Calgary residents can rely on Change Auto & Diesel for efficient and effective repairs.


The bumps, divets and dips in roads cause your tires to move up and down, which leads to vertical acceleration. If your car didn’t have a suspension system, this vertical acceleration would transfer the vertical energy of your bouncing wheels into the frame of your car, which would cause your tires to lose contact with the road. The subsequent downward force of gravity would cause your car to slam back down to the ground, making for a very unpleasant ride in your car.

Your car’s suspension is designed to maximize friction between the tires and the road, preventing the wheels from leaving the ground and crashing back down. This provides steering stability, good handling and a comfortable ride. When your suspension wears out, it can be as if you didn’t have one in the first place. There are several different types of suspension systems available for your vehicle, and the team at Change Auto & Diesel can work on them all.

Signs of Suspension Problems

While the suspension is a relatively durable system, because of the abuse it undergoes everyday proper maintenance is always important. We recommend servicing your suspension every few months to ensure a smooth ride and easy steering.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of many moving parts that can wear out over time. Sometimes this leads to joints, springs and other parts fitting together improperly, which may lead to handling and steering issues or strange noises. Common signs you need suspension repairs ASAP include:

Pulling to one side while driving
Experiencing a rougher ride than before
Strange noises and squeaking when turning
Difficulty steering
Irregular and inconsistent wear on your tires
Nose diving when you brake suddenly

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms while driving, it’s very important that you take your car to a professional. If you wait until the system breaks down entirely, it could lead to so much gear-grinding and other mechanical issues that your car would need extensive repairs. To save money, recognizing the symptoms and getting your vehicle repaired is of the utmost importance.

Book an Appointment for Your Suspension in Calgary

At Change Auto & Diesel, we offer auto repair for a wide range of car parts from brakes to suspensions. Calgary drivers rely on us for jobs of all sizes. Whether you need to overhaul your entire vehicle or you just need an oil change, we’re the team to call. We service all makes and models using advanced diagnostic equipment to complete your car’s repairs quickly and correctly. Call us today or fill out our online form to schedule your auto repair services.



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