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oil change


The oil in your engine is like the blood in your veins – it allows all of the moving parts to run smoothly. As a lubricator and heat absorber, oil reduces friction, dampens noise of moving parts, lessens wear, provides lubrication and helps cool engine parts. Old oil allows for the buildup of carbon and other substances that can be toxic to your engine. This toxicity most often leads to friction and excess heat, two things you don’t want running through your car. To promote a healthy engine in your vehicle, you need regular oil changes in Calgary. Change Auto & Diesel works on all makes and models to provide drivers with safe and efficient engines. We also offer wheel alignment and transmission repair services. Check out our blogs for more useful information on gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Because oil is constantly running through the many moving parts of your engine, it begins to breakdown over time and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and debris. When full of this junk, the oil can’t properly perform its duties. Rather than running smoothly along the pistons and cylinders of your engine, the oil becomes thick and slow.


Modern engines utilize complex Variable Valve Timing systems. Even minor wear and tear contamination in engine oil can drastically affect the intricate components of these VVT systems. Poor engine performance and early damage will result.

Proactively changing your oil before it reaches this point will help your engine work at its best and protect the life of your car. The reason oil changes are important is to prevent problems such as:

  • Overheating: This can lead to many problems such as engine detonation which damages pistons and other parts, head gasket distortion, radiator and heater hose stress and more.
  • Wear and tear: Oil removes particles and sludge from your engine. Without new oil, this sludge will build up and cause corrosion which can decrease the life of your engine.

When the symbol that looks like a lamp on your dashboard starts glowing, never ignore it. It means your car is reaching dangerously high temperatures that could be caused from dirty oil, lack of oil or burning oil. Pull over and call an expert immediately.

How Often Should I Change My Vehicle’s Engine Oil?

Your owner’s manual most likely says to replace your oil and filter every 4,800 to 16,000 kilometres (km), but we recommend getting an oil change on the lower end of that scale. Approximately 5,000 km is the perfect time for an oil change because your oil is at the point where it’s past its usefulness but not yet to the point of harming your engine.



While some people can perform oil changes on their own, it is best to visit a professional. We not only replace the oil in your engine, we replace the oil filter and perform a courtesy check of your vehicle to ensure there are no other problems that need to be fixed. Call us today to schedule your appointment for an oil change in Calgary.



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