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Did you know Canada's road network is around 900,000km, which is longer than a return trip to the Moon? To enjoy driving in Canada, it is important to recognize common vehicle problems before they escalate, such as your vehicle suspension.


Auto repair is essential when you encounter suspension problems. After all, your car's suspension helps keep drives safe and smooth thanks to its shock-absorbing components. So, what signs should you look out for? 


Here are five common signs of car suspension issues.


1. Unusual Noises

When driving, you want to hear the sounds of nature or a good music playlist. With over 28 million licensed drivers on the road, there can be a few additional sounds. However, if your car starts making unusual noises, it could be a sign of suspension issues, so turn down the music and listen for:

·         Squeaking 

·         Knocking 

·         Clanking

If you hear repetitive sounds such as these, it could be due to suspension problems. It could indicate that parts have come loose or have worn down. 


2. Difficulty Steering

Your vehicle's suspension and steering are connected, so if your car starts to become hard to steer, it could be due to the suspension. It may feel like your car is challenging to keep straight while driving, or it can feel loose when you steer. A professional auto repair will assess the issue and determine whether it is due to the suspension or another vehicle problem.


3. Leaning to One Side

Have you noticed that your car seems to lean to one side? It could be due to a malfunction of the spring, control arm, or tie rod part of the suspension, which will need repair. 

A good way to check this is when it is parked. It may lean to one side, forward, or backward. When driving, you may notice it drifting or pulling to one side.


4. Uneven Tire Wear

Your tires can indicate and cause various vehicle problems, but around 18% of drivers do not check their tire pressure. Check your tires for signs of uneven wear, as this can indicate you need suspension repair.

Suspension problems can cause imbalances in how your car's weight is distributed. Often, worn suspension components cause this issue. 


5. An Uncomfortable Drive

One of the top signs of suspension problems you shouldn't ignore is an uncomfortable drive. While having a few bumps in the road is natural, your suspension is meant to protect you with a smooth ride overall. A damaged coil spring or issues with the shock absorber can suddenly make your ride a lot more bumpy, meaning you need suspension repair


Address Suspension Problems in Calgary 

It is time to act if you recognize some of these signs of suspension problems. It can be tempting to ignore an uncomfortable ride, but your suspension helps keep you safe on the road, so contact an auto repair before risks increase.

Are you looking for auto repair in Calgary? Change Auto & Diesel is here to help with a team of expert mechanics. We can assess your vehicle problems and find the solution you need to get back on the road safely. 

Contact us today to schedule a suspension repair. 



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