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Auto Repair

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Reliable Auto Repair Services in Calgary

As a car owner, it is your job to keep it in good condition. Neglecting maintenance of your car can lead to a more serious issue which can further lead to hefty repair cost. Not changing your oil for a long time can lead to seizing of the engine, faulty brake pads might result in accidents and so much more. So it is very vital to maintain your car and do regular check-ups. At Change Auto & Diesel, we have qualified technicians who perform top-notch auto repairs in Calgary. So don't wait for something to happen, schedule your vehicle inspection today.

At Change Auto & Diesel, your car couldn't be in better hands. We provide professional auto repair in Calgary for vehicles of all makes and models. From tune-ups and air conditioning repairs to transmission repairs and electrical work, we can handle it all! Our certified and experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, locate the problem and perform the proper repairs.

We know you want to get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible, and you can count on us for fast, efficient service. Our shop also takes pride in our competitive prices and friendly, helpful customer service. Call us for a free estimate or to book an appointment for efficient auto repair in Calgary.

Rely on Our Auto Mechanics in Calgary

The auto mechanics at our Calgary shop provide repair services that not only treat the symptoms but get to the root cause of the problem. You can rely on us for solutions to problems with just about every part of your vehicle, including:


Air conditioning repair & service

When your vehicle's air conditioning isn't working properly, there are several possible reasons why. There could be a leak or an issue with the compressor, condenser or evaporator. We'll pinpoint the problem and take care of it so you can stay cool when the temperature heats up. During winters the use for air conditioning reduces and you may not check it for several months. Due to this reason your AC system is prone to dust and dirt which can probably damage your system. You can prevent or correct these issues by having your air conditioning system checked and repaired by our mechanics in Calgary.

car air conditioning system working after being repaired

Muffler repair & service

If you feel and hear a loud vibration when your car is running or you're not getting the same fuel efficiency as you once were, the problem is probably with your muffler. The muffler is located in the rear of the car, it also known as the exhaust system of your vehicle. You have to keep your muffler in good condition, as it improves the endurance and performance of your car’s engine. Your muffler keeps toxic fumes out of your car and makes your engine run smoothly, so don't delay this type of auto repair in Calgary.

muffler running after visiting change auto

Clutch repair & service

Your car's clutch disengages the transmission from the motor so you can smoothly shift gears. If there's excess wear or a problem with the hydraulic line, you're probably finding it hard to shift gears. You also may notice a burning odour. Many of the modern cars have clutches that can withstand up to 120,000 kms of drive. But this life span can be reduced if the clutches are not maintained regularly, if you are carrying or towing heavy items with your car or if you are driving up a hill. These create too much pressure on the clutches and they are worn out easily. In order to avoid this from happening, you can visit our auto repairs centre in Calgary.

new clutches in calgary car

Electrical repair & service

Do you realize that it is your vehicle’s electrical system that gives the kick start for your vehicle? It also gives the power responsible for the functioning of your headlights, music player, A/C and so much more. Any electrical problem needs to be addressed right away as it can easily harm other crucial components of your vehicle. The electrical system impacts everything from your AC to your brake lights and battery. A trained technician is the only person you should trust with your car's electrical system. We have qualified technicians who will repair and service your electrical system hassle free at our auto repairs in Calgary

fixed electrical system in calgary car

Suspension repair and service

The suspension system of your car is a crucial component which helps you control the car. Your car's suspension system is crucial for your safety on the road. It allows for proper handling and stops your vehicle from bouncing, swaying, hydroplaning, and making excess noise. The suspension system not only protects the car but also enables a comfortable ride for the passengers in it. A worn out suspension reduces the stability of the car and decreases driver control. Our mechanics in Calgary can evaluate your steering and suspension and get the job done, for more information please visit our suspension page.

suspension in calgary car fixed at change auto

Brake repair & service

You know how important your brakes are. Brake pads press against the brake rotor which causes friction and results in slowing down of the vehicle. Due to this action the brake pads keep getting thinner and wear out eventually. If you notice a difference in your ability to brake, such as slow brake response or grinding sounds it means that the brake pads are less than a quarter of an inch and it’s time to change them. You can bring your car to our facility and we'll do a complete evaluation and fix your brakes so they're back to functioning like they should be. Please see our  brake page for more details.

brake pads being replaced at calgary's change auto

Shock repair & service

If your car has more bounce or it’s suddenly difficult to control your vehicle, damaged shocks may be to blame. Shock absorbers, commonly referred to as shocks, slow down and reduce vibrations in your vehicle.  They basically keep your tires connected to the ground, providing good grip during corners and braking. Faulty shocks can lead to the risk of skidding in wet, reduces passenger comfort, increase the wear on tyres and much more. To help prevent excessive tire wear and other risks, our auto mechanics in Calgary can repair or replace your old, worn-out shocks.

new shocks in Calgary car

Speak to Our Team

If you are looking for auto repair assistance in Calgary, Change Auto & Diesel is the name to trust. Call us to learn more about our other services such as car maintenance and inspection.

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