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Engine service light

With winter looming right around the corner, it’s time give your car a tune-up. It’s important to make sure your car maintenance in Calgary is done before the hard months of cold, snow and salt hit the streets of Calgary.

While pre-winter maintenance is important, it’s necessary to keep an eye out for warning signs all year round. Here at Change Auto & Diesel, we take pride in our customer service. Here’s what our automotive experts have to say about the warning signs that indicate it’s time for a trip down to your local garage.

1. Strange sounds

There are innumerable different problems that could result in strange sounds coming from under the hood (or other parts of the car). If it’s from under the hood, it’s likely coming from the timing belt (or the engine itself) and should be checked immediately. Other noises that indicate potential trouble include screeching from the brakes, abnormal sounds from your exhaust and a squeaking suspension.

2. Warning lights

There are a few main warning lights on your dashboard. There’s one to indicate you need an oil change, one for gas and then two you need to worry about: check engine and maintenance required. These lights indicate a much more serious problem that may have to do directly with the engine of your car.

3. Unusual smells

Unusual smells are generally a good sign that your car is due for a check-up. While some smells (like the scent of burnt oil) might only indicate a fluid change is needed, others can be the start of a much more serious problem. If you smell something unusual coming from your vehicle (especially from the engine), it’s important to call your mechanic right away. You could save yourself some serious repair costs.

4. The car pulls to a particular side

While this is not an expensive or serious issue, it’s a sign that it’s time to get your wheels aligned.

5. Any smoke

Smoke is never a good sign. If you see an abnormal (or any) amount of smoke coming from the hood of your car, contact your mechanic immediately. This could be a symptom of any number of problems, including worn valve seals, piston wear, intake gas leak or head gasket failure.

Baring these signs, it’s still important to take your vehicle in for maintenance on a fairly regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to have the oil changed roughly every 5,000 kilometres. However, this is heavily dependant on the type of vehicle you drive. Consult your owner’s manual for a more details.


For more information regarding oil changes, brakes, suspension and any other automotive needs, visit our website. To book an appointment, contact us and let the experts take care of all your maintenance needs.


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